Examples of proper and improper food combinations

Examples of proper and improper food combinations

You can switch your favorite meals for such that are no less delicious but stick to the separate nutrition rules.

Check out the following examples: 

Prohibited vs permitted combinations:

  • Beans with meat - vegetable salad with meat
  • Potatoes with meat - non-starchy salad with meat
  • Bread with meat - onion+meat/meat with cabbage
  • Meat and rice stuffed leaves - bread + Snezhanka salad
  • Pizza with cheese and ham - meat stuffed grape leaves
  • Banitsa with cheese - vegetarian pizza with mushrooms
  • Banitsa with yogurt - Banitsa with leek/sour dock/ spinach
  • Apple Strudel -  apple fruit salad
  • Apple pie - fruit salad with nuts 
  • Cakes/desserts - bananas
  • Coffee - Rye coffee/bananas
  • Chocolate - kiwi
  • Black tea - Hawthorn/ Mint/ Lime tea
  • Carbonated drinks - fresh juices/tea
  • Bread with white and yellow cheese - white cheese and tomatoes
  • Bread with tomatoes - tomatoes
  • Bread with yogurt - yogurt
  • Bread with white cheese and watermelon - watermelon
  • Poached eggs with yogurt - steamed potatoes with butter
  • Fried eggs with white cheese - fish with a vegetable salad 
  • Fried eggs with sausages - fish with walnut and garlic sauce
  • French fries - fish with tomato sauce 
  • Fish with potatoes  - fish with a vegetable salad
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