What to avoid when following a separate nutrition plan

What to avoid when following a separate nutrition plan

Don't combine sweet fruits with protein-loaded foods since the  assimilation of the latter happens in an acidic environment. Besides, when combined with bananas, for instance, it will take a toll on the digestive process.

Don't sprinkle sugar on fruits since it will mean throwing their healthy benefits, including body cleansing properties, vitamins, etc., to the wind. You can soften their sour taste with honey or water.

You can also do the same thing with the sourest of them all by mixing them up with the sweetest ones instead of putting on more sugar. Those fruits, featuring sourer or sweeter taste are great options for mixing up in various desserts, fruit salads, etc.

Never combine vegetable and fruit juices as they slow down the digestion.

Swap processed desserts for vegan treats

Treat yourself to a banana, an apple or something else that is organic instead of eating sweets. Also, avoid any type of high-carb desserts and consume no fruit juices or fruits immediately after a meal but do it at least an hour or two before that.

What to put on your plate instead

Put more bananas on your plate since they are highly packed with substances which recover the lining of the gastrointestinal tract, being subjected to many risks. I advise you to go for it either in the morning or between your meals. Bananas are an extremely valuable food, providing a natural protection against many stomach issues, such as gastritis, ulcer, etc. If you are into any mix-ups, then add peaches, oranges or others.

Carrots also promote the lining of the gastrointestinal tract as my personal advice is to include them in your daily menu without being too strict since the excessive amounts of them don't have quite good results on your health either. I highly recommend that you water them down a bit.


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