How to get the separate nutrition plan off to a fresh start

How to get the separate nutrition plan off to a fresh start

Just write down the basics of the separate nutrition program and get to stick to them for real! Make your own list of forbidden and permitted food combinations and try to remember them! Plan ahead your eating regimen for each day and dose properly (as we will think of foods as a medicine)

Analyze your accomplishments as to how and why you have failed and the way you have felt after each meal. That way, you will get to know yourself better and will be able to beat your weaknesses so as to make up and stick to your own eating program, consisting of foods, boosting your body.

Focus on the time that it takes you body to assimilate all those different food combinations and write down the exact time you have your meals or feel real hunger. Make your own week eating plan and stick to it!

If you are doing it right, you body will get to adjust to your regimen and start producing a fairly big amount of digestive juices exactly at the times you have your meals, if being always the same. You are the one to make the decision as to when to have your meals or how variable they will be. Your ways of combining various foods should be put under the microscope for at least a week, as you can, for example, eat only carbs and proteins for a day or two, then go on a vegetable diet for 3 days, etc.



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