Let's re-program our minds (separate nutrition)

Let's re-program our minds (separate nutrition)

Even if you are not a programmer or an IT specialist, you can still "program" your consciousness, if you are willing to. As old as our habits are, it is quite hard to ditch them since we have been following them for many years; plus, we have got used to how some foods taste and even considered them healthy.

Separate nutrition and nutrition as a whole are two absolutely different terms. The hardest part is to create new habits as we can achieve it only if we have the will and persistence to do so.

How to re-program our minds

We need to be well aware of the food variety, its content, products classification along with the basics of separate nutrition that should be strictly followed so that to create a better attitude towards "forbidden foods" and be able to avoid them.

Have you heard of the acquired reflex?

It is a reflex created towards a certain type of food. At the sight, mention or smell of food, there are impulses that are transmitted from the cerebral cortex to both the salivary glands and the stomach, so the human body starts searching for food. Our cravings and appetite are controlled by the brain of which we are in charge, so we ourselves can raise a red flag for all these unhealthy foods and beverages. It does take some time, however, you will come to a point where you will have no cravings for such foods you used to consume in excessive amounts.

Just imagine the negative effect of all those fried foods, for example - think about the toxins that enter your body, decreasing longevity that way; and that will surely motivate you to ditch them! Also, think of the decaying carbs, some consumed in quite traditional combinations in Bulgaria, such as banitsa with yogurt, etc), along with the fermentation, stomach gases, the feeling of being as if bloated plus many other health issues.

Now that you know where they stem from, just hit the brakes and swap the unhealthy substances for healthy ones. Treat yourself to this gift - fast and easy digestion, better metabolism with no waste products or risk of blood contamination!

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