Types of nutrients

Types of nutrients

Nutrients are basically divided into several groups, namely: proteins, fats, simple as well as complex carbohydrates. 

Any food that is consumed consists of a certain list of ingredients, however, the one that is contained in greatest amounts is considered the dominant, which defines the type of the digestive process as a whole.

The meat, for instance, is a rich source of proteins, as it also contains fats and a fairly amount of carbohydrates.  

Cereals, such as corn, rice, millet and wheat are heavily packed with starch, which is the reason why we put them into the list of starchy foods. Not only are they hard to digest, but they contain a sufficient amount of proteins, slacking off the already slowed-down digestive system. 

All types of fruits belong to the sugar-rich foods

The water that is contained in foods constitutes a neutral substance that eases the digestive process, but it does not really have anything to do with the food combining. Neither have fibers. As for them, they boost and facilitate the work of the intestinal system.

Examples of such are fruits, vegetables as well as dairy products (milk).

Foods containing several dominating substances are even more hard to break down, so it is absolutely of huge importance to combine them properly so as not to exhaust the digestive system. Legumes are also packed with great amounts of carbohydrates and proteins, so they should no be consumed at night due to their pretty difficult digestibility. Combining them with bread or meat is also non-advisable. Instead, go for all those easy-to-digest non-starchy veggies, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, lettuce, etc.

Dairy products are great sources of proteins and fats

There are basically three components making up the soya, namely: proteins, carbohydrates as well as fats. It is not easily digestible food so it has to be combined with non-starchy vegetables.

According to the solid principles of the separate nutrition, the perfect proportion of these three elements is as follows: 1/5 proteins: 1/5 starchy foods and 3/5 fresh or properly processed fruits.


  • Each food is made up of different ingredients, as one (or more than one) of them is regarded as the dominant. 
  • Those substances which are contained in the largest amounts in a certain type of food define what type the digestive process is
  • Foods high in water are more easily digestible.
  • The sped-up digestion requires a proper food combination
  • Sticking to the above-mentioned proportions when combining foods makes their breakdown and absorption easier.


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