Binge eating is forbidden!

Binge eating is forbidden!

Overeating is bad for your digestive system since foods remain in the upper part of the stomach, blocking its access to the mucosa. The digestion is slowed down that way, resulting in gases.

It also raises the risk of leaving the food not very well digested, meaning that your body will fail at assimilating it. And yet, if you can't help yourself from taking more of that meal, at least try to chew slower, so as to soak it well with saliva, leaving it quite mushy. That way, you will feel fuller even though you have eaten less.

The mushier and fuller the food is with saliva, the less of it will be consumed at the end of the day.

How to beat binge eating?

Easy as abc - arrange the food table with a certain amount of food that will be enough to make you feel full and don't reach for more than that. Eat slow, chew better and enjoy each bite!!!

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