How to cook healthy meals

How to cook healthy meals

If you want to keep the nutrients in foods when being prepared, read all the way through. When cooking healthier, foods are digested faster as no poisonous substances are produced. Besides, they are cleansed of any that way. 

Cooking methods and how to keep the nutrients in foods

Some nutrients just cannot be cooked in high temperature, so they start decaying as a result of it. In order to keep the nutrients, such as vitamin C in some veggies, they should be neither fried, nor cooked in temperature higher than 100 C. Otherwise, nutrients will be destroyed, plus it will promote the production of toxic substances as a result of it.

The margarine should not be cooked in temperature higher than 50 C because it boosts the production of carcinogens. Instead, reach for a piece of butter for a better taste if it is a must, however, add it in the end so as not to lose its nutrients.

Avoid adding lard, or anything of the sort, frying or those egg-flour mixtures when cooking. Steamed veggies, beef with leek, for example,  are neither less delicious, nor difficult to cook. Each tastes great, just give it a go!

Under no circumstances should you go for french fries, donuts or any other thing of the sort.

Cleanse toxins from foods

Culinary is a whole science - so broad and large that it would take you years to write about it and there would still be left lots of unexplored themes. Acquiring a few fundamental habits, however, will improve the quality of the cooked meals significantly:

  • When boiling meat, change the water after 15-20 minutes as you can do that twice;
  • Add veggies to the minced meat (as it would be best if leek is added too) and boil them between 15-20 minutes so as to cleanse them from any toxins;
  • Cleanse the vegetables from nitrates by soaking them in water for a couple of hours - the process "diffusion" kicks in that way;

Don't reach for any unhealthy ingredients when cooking

  • Vinegar is unhealthy since it irritates the stomach lining. I advise you to swap it for either natural vinegar, or a fresh squeezed lemon which you can water down a bit;
  • Cut down on salt and try cooking without adding any; It takes a massive toll on all human organs, including the eyes and kidneys, as it also leads to higher blood pressure; Prefer potassium or Himalayan salt over the ordinary table one';
  • Don't eat out simply because the flavoring of the food is up to the cook;
  • Don't eat at restaurants where cooking methods lack "purity" since it may result in many health issues
  • Never dine at places where fats in foods are being cooked improperly because it might affect the health of the digestive system, gall or liver; Besides, fats start producing toxins when cooked in temperature over 50 C
  • When eating, stick to the principle that goes like "He who pays the piper, calls the tune", so don't let any "bad tunes" in your menu!

Approaches to the food at home:

  • Wash it carefully before its consumption and not just to say you did;
  • Avoid adding oil when cooking or putting it in aluminium cookware since toxins are produced upon roasting or frying 
  • Use a toothpaste made of natural products excluding aggressive chemical components
  • Avoid powdered milk and instant soups since they contain too many chemical components, affecting the human body quite badly
  • Do not reheat the meals because their nutrients are destroyed that way. Beware about temperature in which you cook
  • Iced beverages and cold meals slow down the digestion since the ferments breaking down the food function in temperature about 37 C. Besides, the cold deteriorates the blood supply of all organs and their functionality; Also, it may result in spasms;
  • If you are to sprinkle some sugar on fruits, you had better go for a dessert! I hope you get the drift; 
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