Give up on alcoholic beverages!

Give up on alcoholic beverages!

People, despite being in their right mind, still keep on producing and consuming alcohol although they are quite aware of its extremely bad effect.  Of course, it is not that you cannot reach out for it now and again - go for a little amount of it whenever being at parties or gatherings but don't drink it systematically since it will absolutely take a toll on your health!

Drinking alcohol has major downsides - not only does it affect the liver, but it also suppresses the immune system and leads to both euphoric and anti-social behavior which often triggers aggression. Besides, physical assaults out of alcohol are not rarity as it also may cause many cancer diseases. Another major downside is in terms of the hangover which appears within a couple of hours as it may be extremely bad if consumed excessive amounts of alcohol

Last and not least - alcohol takes the water out of the body, triggering thirst that can only be satiated with water. And yes - alcohol is a diuretic drink that raises the risk of impotency too!


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Carbonated beverages aren't healthy at all!

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