No overeating over the holidays!

No overeating over the holidays!

With the most awaited winter holidays upon us, it is of utmost importance to stick to our healthy eating plans unless we want to wake up the next day blunted, full of food and guilt as well. Everybody knows how hard it can be when you have to keep yourself from eating one of those absolutely "forbidden" meals from your healthy diet plan. It gets even more difficult especially when all you see on the holiday-themed dining table is a great diversity of mouth-watering desserts, beverages as well as meals. 

How to avoid binging on food over holidays

In order to avoid pigging out during the holidays, we have prepared for you a very good and useful piece of advice by means of which you will not only have your favourte meals, but you will avoid adding any fat to your waistline. 

First off, try not to be as if "glued" to the dining table. Just be active - dance, help your friends prepare and serve the holiday meals. Yes, it is a holiday season, but that does not mean that the only thing you should do is eat, right?

Cut down on the trimmings

When getting everything ready for the family gathering, you sure do your best starting from decorating your home for Christmas to accessorizing the holiday food with different toppings such as cheese, whipped cream, walnuts, sprinkles and basically all additions of that sort. You will probably say that it is high time you let yourself eat something unhealthy and you will be absolutely right but at least do it in moderation. Many dieters cannot help indulging in food especially during holidays. The reason may lies in the fact that they kind of take it as a must or a self-reward which they deserve post weeks of exhausting workouts, however, that is not quite the case.

Eat whatever you feel like but in Moderation

This is a key word especially over the holidays. The main point is that you should curb your portions and eat like you usually do (at least we hope so) with no skipping meals. A lot of people will probably say that this is quite tricky since they may forget about this priceless word, namely moderation, and just pig out on mostly junk food which surely dominates on the table over the healthy one.

Resist chocolate/sugar temptations 

This is like the worst thing that somebody can advise you to do at Christmas. It is not news that desserts are like drugs that we cannot easily get away from. Overeating on any other non-sweet meal, or cocktail won't affect as destructively your slim and fit figure as all those heavily sugar-packed desserts. And the worst part is that you cannot just find the limit so that to stop pigging on them!

Choose alcohol-free beverages over alcohol ones

All those tempting cocktail drinks bearing sexy names are nothing but heavily packed with calories, which you surely don't need especially when you have enough high-calorie meals on your plate.

Eschew high-sugar/fat food

Restrain yourself from the appetizers as well. Just think about it, wouldn't it just be a shame to waste calories on junk food like chips, crackers, or even appetizers when you know that you can take a bite of that unique specialty host's food which has been cooked with so much love for this amazing and special evening?

Don't talk with full mouth 

Apart from the possibly bad impression you will surely make on yourself that way, you won't get to feel the amazing taste of each bite of the meal on your plate. Talking about different things is also a great way to pare down the calories you intake from the terribly delicious holiday meals.

Eat slowly

Don't be bothered about what the rest of your companions will think about you. When being the slowest eater at the table, you do yourself a great favor - you pare down unneeded calories, plus you get full only after a few bites of your meal. Don't behave at the table like you have never seen food during your lifetime. Put the fork down between bites and don't be focused on the food that is still to come to your plate. You can do other things apart from eating, right?

Wear tight clothes at the family gathering

Donned as a Victoria's Secret model, you won't make a pig out of yourself when you can leave this part to the rest of your company. You know, some people wear loose clothes, the purpose of which is to hide away their almost ready to explode tummies, of course. Such people can just unbotton their pants/jeans after overeating. However, you will surely look unpleasant if you happen to do that, right?

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