13-weeks weight loss program (2018)

13-weeks weight loss program (2018)

What we are going to talk about now is an alternative method of putting off weight, namely “Pineapple Express”. The movie, bearing the very same name, is a masterpiece, an apogee, and a mix of classical and neoclassical elements, mayonnaise and chicken wings; there are to be seen such undiscovered truths as well, the revelation of which is dark and unsolvable mystery to both our fragile intellect and kidneys, like that considering the main subject in the movie which makes life, all other movies and food better. And you can actually put off some weight as a result of it. Its effectiveness, however, can be seen on people who are deeply interested in going on such a diet.

Losing weight with “Pineapple Express” is quite a difficult task since it requires perseverance as well as endurance without letting it break you down, and “fall down the floor”, literally said.

The latter expresses a sort of dedication to resist “falling to the ground”, namely “pothead” or in other words to say: “hit your head on the ground”. What a self-denial, I would say. Nevertheless of the diet’s richness in terms of fiber, vitamins and so on and so forth, there will still be a few tough moments. Of all the vitamins, the most important ones are iron, aluminum, copper, tin, (plywood) and the like. At the end of it, the diet pays off.  Under its hypnosis, you will look at the bright side of things and pay no attention to what the others might say about you.  Blown away by the magical wonders of the “Pineapple.. Express”, you will just be slimming down.

What is interesting about this method is that at the first or sixth glance, it seems like there is no need of exercises. Actually there will be times in which you will gorge yourself but the process of your slimming down won’t stop with that - how miraculously, right?

Before throwing in the towel, just give it a go. Try out this mild program and its beneficial effects on your body. And since I won’t get a dime for the article unless I mention and recommend in a way the 13-day weight loss program, I must highly recommend that you try it out so as to fill the gaps in the “Pineapple Express Diet”, (actually, there aren’t such, but the money are the more important part here). Auf wiedersehen!

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