Say goodbye to the dark circles under your eyes!

Say goodbye to the dark circles under your eyes!

"It is not about the quantity of sleep, but its quality which revitalizes the body and soul."

Whatever your sleep, well or disturbed, these small dark spots lying under your eyes just catch you off guard.

What causes them?

Before getting straight down to work in order to awaken your puffy eyes, hold on for a second and just think about the possible reasons which lead to forming dark circles around eyes.

Contrary to common belief, the so-called shades under eyes indicate something more than just a lack of sleep. Having thin skin around the eyes as well as visible blood vessels under the surface layer of the skin, triggered by the process of aging as well, leads to creating dark spots, which can be easily explained by the transluscent blood below the eyes.

Besides, the aging process has also something to do with that, too - it causes an elasticity loss, affecting the skin's regenerating functions, which also deepenes the problem.

Amongst the most common reasons that are responsible for having dark spots around the eyes are:

  • genetic burden
  • smoking
  • air pollution
  • cosmetic allergies

2 natural ways to treat black circles under the eyes

  • Avocado

Apart from being a great option when it comes to preparing various kinds of meals and salads, avocados are rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B-complex, vitamin E, potassium, folic acid, etc., all of which fight those unpretty dark circles under the eyes. In order to reap maximum benefits of avocados, what you can do is to either place two slices of avocado under the eyes or make a face mask by blending the fruit to which you may also add two to three drops of almond oil. 

  • Chopped mint leaves

The refreshing feeling you get after the treatment with chopped mint leaves boosts the bloodstream which results in removing the eye fatigue that causes these tedious dark circles around your eyes. Just place the chooped mind leaves under the eyes and leave them for about 10 minutes. Finally, wipe with a clean slightly dampened cotton swab.


  1. Puffiness shouldn't always be related to sleeping problems. Rather, factors such as smoking, air pollution, genetic predisposition, etc., may also be the reason for having black circles around the eyes.
  2. By treating the affected area with these two homemade face masks, you will absolutely fight the puffiness and eye fatigue once and for all, leaving the skin freshened up.

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