Are you a movie addict?

Are you a movie addict?

Are you a movie addict? Why are you still up at that time, they ask you...

Personally I am a movie addict, but, hey, why judge? Plus, I've burdened myself with the task of evaluating basically all the new and awesome movies out there. No matter the genre – a rom-com, thriller, action movie, sci-fi – I'm so in, pals!

And the worst part of all of it is that there are also so many weirdos out there, probably Googling the greatest Hollywood productions of the year expected to hit millions or billions of dollars at the box-office – you know how things go, buddy!

But let's take it seriously – what is the thing that turns us into movie addicts?

"Blame it on the lifestyle" - some of us just find it so relaxing and entertaining to go the movies and be able to enjoy a promising production that is absolutely worth the time, money and pop corns, right?

So why not go every week? Does it really look that bad to you? I think not. Do what makes you happy no matter how much of a lonely and nerdy person you might be considered.

Bring a friend or two along, get the pop corns and have a great time! Isn't that what matters the most after all?

Boredom and/or loneliness – there's always that one guy waiting in line for tickets all by himself, which appears super depressing to most of us. You're so wrong, buddies. Going to movie premieres sure is an awesome moment, but imagine being turned down by all of your friends. You may just have different taste in movies, right? So, will you miss out on such a great opportunity even if that means enjoying your own company? No, that would be a shame for sure.

"Having a fat wallet" (this speaks volumes...)

You just love wasting money on movie tickets, which is absolutely awesome while lots of others buy themselves alcoholic beverages and other not super healthy stuff, but you just go to the movies as the genuine movie addict you really are. Think of it from a different perspective: your significant other will be more than okay with this particular quite weird characteristic trait that you possess, because who doesn't love the big screen?

Did you enjoy this humorous article? I hope you did!


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